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In today’s world most of us spend all of our days sitting down at our desks in front of the computer screen for work, meaning it is harder than ever to keep fit while at work. This has had a major impact on our health and physical activity levels. Not only does this mean we are sitting down from 9-5 most days, but out posture and muscle strength is declining due to the inactivity. In this blog we will discuss ways for you to keep your fitness journey moving forward even while you are at work.


Get a standing/sitting desk

One of the best ways to change up your normal work lifestyle is to utilise a standing desk option throughout the day. Just by spending parts of your work life standing will allow you to engage the muscles that are being neglected and weakened from sitting. This will also help in improving your posture and lead to better health benefits down the line. 


Use a fit ball/physio ball as a chair

Using a fit ball/physio ball as your seat for periods of the day, or the whole day is a great way to help your posture and work on your core strength and stability while you are working. This will switch up your day and allow you to be more active in areas you never used to be.


Park further away

By parking further away from your workplace you can utilise the time it takes to get to your workplace as your activity for the day. This is great for individuals that struggle to find time for any activity outside of work hours. Even using active transport as your means to getting to work will increase the amount of activity you do in a day. 


Exercise during your breaks

By utilising your breaks during work for exercise will greatly improve your overall fitness. You can take this time everyday to do some light stretching, walking, yoga or pilates during the day. It doesn’t have to involve a proper gym program rather just some light physical activity means to split up the sedentary lifestyle of your work.


Take regular breaks

Ensure that while you are working in front of your screen that you take regular short breaks, not only to spare your eyes from the strain of looking at a screen all day. But to also break up the long periods of sitting that sedentary jobs usually require. 

These actions will greatly improve your fitness journey as it will greatly improve your physical activity and lifestyle at work and help you reach your goals faster. These areas will let you blend your work with your fitness and provide benefits to both areas.