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Are you finding that you are struggling to see improvements in your fitness journey for some time? Are you doing the same exercises, repetitions and resistance for long periods of time with little or no change in your overall fitness? You may be experiencing a plateau. This is a point where the training you are currently doing is no longer enough of a challenge for your body to need to adapt to.


The answer to this however is not to just add more training sessions and more cardio to your workouts, as this could lead to overtraining. We have discussed overtraining previously here and the negative effects it can have on you including injury and fatigue. Below are some tips on getting over this plateau and continuing your fitness journey in the right direction.


Ensure Training Program is tailored to your goals:

If you have a specific goal in mind for your fitness journey, then the program you are completing should be tailored to that specific end-point. To ensure this, come in to Vida Fitness today and see one of our fitness professionals who will create a program that is specifically designed for your own personal needs. They will be able to make any adaptations to it when required to guarantee continued improvement.


Fuel your body correctly:

Improper fueling of your body can lead to the fitness plateau that you are currently facing, or lead to a backwards step in your journey. By not fueling your body correctly, you are essentially not providing your body and muscles enough energy to complete your program or to properly repair and grow.


Having a look at your nutrition plan and ensuring it fits the goals of your fitness journey will help in avoiding or getting over a fitness plateau that you may face.


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep:

Having an adequate amount of sleep is a necessity for any fitness journey. Ensuring that your body gets at least 7 hours of sleep per day is a surefire way to make sure your body is able to repair and restore itself. Other benefits of sleep can be found here, if you are not getting enough sleep every day you will be more likely to face a fitness plateau. 


Proper Hydration:

One aspect that many people may neglect or forget its importance is hydration. In order to gain the benefits of training that you are looking for, your body must maintain a stable state of hydration. A major reason of why you are hitting a fitness plateau, or struggling to finish a workout is due to a lack of hydration. So remember to stay well hydrated prior, during and after any workout to see the benefits you are searching for. 


By using the tips dsicussed above you will greatly reduce your risk of hitting a fitness plateau, or getting yourself out of one. However, one of the greatest ways you can do this is to see a fitness professional, like the ones we here at Vida Fitness provide. So come in and visit us so we can help you reach your fitness goals today.