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To many individuals starting a fitness journey exercise and training are the same thing. However, exercise and training are two very different things and understanding these differences will help you achieve your fitness goals.


What is Exercise?

Exercise is in its simplest sense activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and wellbeing. It is something that increases your heart rate above its resting levels and is important in maintaining a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. It includes activities such as running, walking and going to the gym. However, its main goal is for overall wellness. 


What is Training?

Training is a structured set of physical activity that is being completed to achieve a certain goal. Therefore training is the process of achieving a specific goal through the use of exercise. The main differences between training and exercise is the intent and planning of physical activity and exercise. 


Understanding the distinction between exercise and training is vital for anybody looking to achieve a goal in their fitness journey. If you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, understanding how to properly train will allow you to reach your goals faster. That means setting out achievable goals and planning each workout/exercise to reach them. 


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