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Elliptical Trainers are one of the most sought after and used gym equipment available due to the multiple benefits that it provides to people of all training levels. Here at Vida Fitness we have recently added two new elliptical trainers for our gym, so here are some benefits these machines can have on your fitness journey  below.


Boost your Cardio:

Elliptical Trainers are a fantastic aerobic exercise options that will allow you to build your aerobic capacity, overall stamina and endurance. With these machines not only can you complete a long continuous workout but you can also include some high intensity interval training.


Weight Loss:

These machines are a great way to burn fat and lose weight at the gym, especially if running isn’t for you. Elliptical Trainers provide an alternative to running on a treadmill that activates similar muscles to running but in a whole new way. While it may get some getting used to, this method can allow you to lose any unwanted weight and burn some fat without the need for going out on runs or using a treadmill. 


Less Stress on Joints:

Following on the previous point of providing an alternative to running on a treadmill, Elliptical Trainers put far less stress and pressure on your joints during its use. This is due to it being a low-impact exercise as your feet never lift off the pedals. Therefore unlike running, it won’t put your joints through high-impact stress which means less pain and aches for you!!!. 


Whole Body Exercise:

Using an Elliptical Trainer will allow you to complete both an upper and lower body workout in one session and on one machine. This shows the machines whole range of benefits and its effectiveness in providing an efficient training exercise and session. When used correctly the elliptical can target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps and your core.


Ease of Use:

One of the greatest benefits of using an Elliptical Trainer is its ease of use. Once you know the basics of using this machine then it will become a staple of your workout routine due to many of the other benefits discussed above.


So come in to Vida Fitness to check out and discover all of the benefits our new Elliptical Trainers can provide to you today.