Creating life opportunities through fitness

Boxing and fitness programs designed for you

What We Do

At Vida Fitness we offer a range of programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Boxing classes

Combining muscular strength, power, endurance and speed. Private and group sessions available.

Boxing & Fitness Challenges

Fitness Challenges that help you kick start of a healthy lifestyle and achieve sustainable fitness goals.

Agility Specific Training

We work with a multitude of athletes across different sports to develop their sport specific agility.

Personal Training Sessions

Training programs and exercises which work for you. Programs which increase function, physical capacity, and improve your performance.

Why Us

Our team at Vida Fitness is composed of highly educated and experienced trainers whose passion for the industry is unmatched. We strive to help our clients reach their health and fitness goals and emphasise creating life opportunities through fitness.



At Vida Fitness we offer a range of programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Start your Fitness Journey

Here at Vida Fitness, it is our belief that boxing is the most well rounded form of physical exercise, combining muscular strength, power, endurance and speed to help you shed the kilos and achieve your fitness goals. We combine this with High Intensity Interval...

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Vida Tough Mudder Challenge 2018

Join Our Team - Tough Mudder 2018 The Vida Fitness team wants you to be part of the Tough Mudder 2018 Challenge. If you've ever wanted to take part in one of Australia's toughest and most physically demanding challenges, now is the time. With the wonderful...

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How to build strength with one workout per week

Wouldn't it be great if we could increase our strength without spending countless hours in the gym grinding away? A new concept of strength training known as 'Neuro-Mass training' is making the rounds of the fitness industry, and the results so far have been...

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