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Family memberships are a way to get your whole family involved in regular physical activity. Studies show that training with a partner or family member increases the likelihood of you achieving your fitness goals. Physical activity is a great way to connect with your family as you work towards a common goal. Working out becomes a family tradition, rather than an everyday chore. Having the entire family involved will help create healthy lifestyle choices and habits in your kids as well as provide more support for each other.

The family membership option also provides great value to our community, as your whole household becomes Gym & Class members, giving you access to our gym facility, as well as over 25 workout classes throughout the week. By becoming family members, you also get access to our great variety of membership benefits through our partners.

What does it cost and what is included?

Family memberships cost $44/week and give everyone in your household access to unlimited class & gym usage at Vida Fitness along with our extensive member benefits. This is a one-year fixed-term membership.