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Fitness Challenges

Why do a Fitness Challenge with Vida?

Have you done a challenge where you are given a program, a fad diet, no support and a lack of a supportive community? Well, come and experience the difference with Vida Fitness. The first thing we want to make clear, the 6-week challenges are to help start or support a lifestyle change or to help maintain the positive steps you already have in place.

Fad diets and short term training plans don’t help you achieve & maintain your goals in the long term. So what does work? A change to your way of life that includes food you enjoy, exercise, and healthy habits.

Our fitness challenges help you to create habits for the long term in a fun, friendly, supportive community.

How long is the program and why?

Each Vida Fitness Challenge runs for 6 weeks. Why 6 weeks? Adaptations begin to occur following 2 weeks of intensive training, meaning that you will begin to see improvements in just 2 weeks!! It is in this 2-5 week period that we see the most rapid improvements in terms of fitness and strength gains. In week 6 of the program, we endeavor to show you your improvements by re-testing and comparing to your pre-challenge results.

What is included in my Challenge?

Over the 6 week period you will receive;

  • Initial goal setting doc (via a google share sheet) and habit builder plan with ideas to help achieve your long & short term goals
  • Pre-challenge fitness testing and anthropometrics
  • 2-3 sessions per week (depending on the challenge)
  • Access to our closed group challenge community for support
  • Nutrition suggestions for the short & long term
  • Vida singlet

How do I connect with the rest of the group in the Challenge?

Each Challenge will have it’s own closed Facebook group to help you support each other and connect with the Vida team.

How long are training sessions and how many per week?

Training sessions run for 45 minutes in total and are completed 2 or 3 times every week depending on which Challenge option you select.

What type of training will I be doing?

Depending on which challenge you sign up for will depend on the exact exercises that you will be doing. Challenges aimed at weight loss will be doing mostly aerobic type exercises, whereas challenges aimed at building strength will have a heavy resistance component.

Are all Challenges the same?

Not all Vida Fitness Challenges are the same as not all people are the same. There are a variety of reasons as to why people will do a Vida challenge, so we help you select the best challenge for your goals. Each of the Vida Challenges have specific 6 weeks goals & themes. They will also have key outcomes participants will be aiming to achieve.

Can kids do a Challenge?

Yes. Kids challenge are targeted around the specific needs of the junior athlete. These sessions run after or before school hours and allow kids to develop fitness and movement based skills for their chosen sport or goals.

What are the dates of the Challenges?

Upcoming challenge dates will be listed here.

What is the cost of a Vida Fitness Challenge?

The cost of your 6-week Challenge will vary depending on the number of sessions per week. Each challenge will have a listed price.

What do I bring and where is the Challenge held?

The challenges will be held at the Veneto Club in Bulleen where we will predominantly be using our boxing gym, as well as outside areas including basketball courts and soccer pitches. Please bring a drink bottle, towel, and energy!

What happens after the 6-week challenge?

There are a number of options after you have completed the 6-week challenge. You could do another challenge or continue training in group or private sessions.