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Pilates reformers are a great source of training for people of all ages and fitness levels. By incorporating more of your stabilising muscle groups, the pilates reformer targets muscles not so commonly used in most exercises to give you a whole body workout and really target those hard to strengthen muscles.

  • A pilates reformer workout will help you strengthen your core muscles which is important for posture, balance and activities of daily living. This is important for all age groups.
  • Using the pilates reformer is far less load bearing than any weight workout which makes it perfect for those who have current injuries. A great tool for all rehabilitation programs.
  • The versatility of using the pilates reformer means you can work almost all muscles across different planes (lying flat on your back or on your side). This allows for so many movements which help strengthen muscles in different ways.
There are endless benefits to incorporating reformer work into your gym program, so come and try our pilates reformer and be ready for a great workout!


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