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Exercise is known to increase productivity in the workplace, so why aren’t more companies utilizing it?

At Vida Fitness, we collaborate with like minded businesses who value the importance of being physically active to increase productivity in the workplace, as well as providing a great incentive for workers to prioritize their health.

Bobbi Beans Coffee House jumped on board with us as a partner in 2016, with Owner Daniel Ficco, one of our most frequent clientele. Daniel first noticed the need for an exercise program very early on, as working in the hospitality industry requires long hours every day on your feet, which can take its toll on the body.

“Working 10-12 hour shifts daily really had a negative impact on my body, and I knew that I needed to do something about it, or else my own productivity would decrease. Luckily for me Patty and Vince down at Vida Fitness have put me on an exercises plan really individualized to my needs, incorporating lots of stretching, boxing and nutrition tips to keep my body working well”.

Daniel also realized the impact that long hours had on his staff, and wanted to provide a service for them, which would increase their fitness and health. “It’s really important for me to have a happy and healthy workplace, and providing my staff with boxing and personal training sessions to ensure their bodies and mind are being looked after is something that was necessary”.

Through our partnership with Bobbi Beans, we provide 5 sessions per week for the staff members to use as well as giving out nutritional and lifestyle tips whenever needed.

If your business is in need of some health and fitness tips, then contact us at Vida Fitness, and you can look forward to an increase in morale and productivity in your office.