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Resistance Training in the elderly population is essential for a healthy lifestyle and to combat any declines that can be seen with growing age. There are so many great benefits that can be seen in the older populations from resistance training and this has been discussed in previous blog posts which can be found here. While there are clear benefits from completing weight training many people wonder if it is safe for the elderly to complete. 


Risks of Resistance Training


Studies have found that while there is a risk associated with resistance training, this risk is similar for anybody completing weight training despite their age. It is recommended that older adults should complete supervised resistance training to ensure they are using correct form to limit any chance of injury. 


As with any person beginning to complete resistance training, starting with a trained professional will not only help guide you in the exercises for you to complete but also the proper technique for safely lifting weights. This will reduce the risk of any injuries occurring as you will learn how to safely move weights to gain the strength benefits you require and desire. 


While in a supervised setting older adults will be able to greatly increase their strength, reduce their risk of falling and increase their overall general daily function. Therefore, not only is it safe for the elderly to perform resistance training it is encouraged.