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The short answer is YES, strengthening your glutes will help protect your body from low back pain. Weaknesses in the glute muscles (that being the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius) can lead to lower back pain. These muscles are responsible for stabilisation of the hip, holding your pelvis in a correct position and driving movement when you are walking and running. 

Do I have weak Glutes?

Majority of the world’s population today could have weak glute muscles due to the time spent sitting down throughout our lives. Due to the increase in sedentary lifestyles and workplaces weak glutes are becoming more common than ever. This is due to these muscles being switched off and weakened. If you currently have a highly sedentary lifestyle you will be at risk of lower back pain if you do not take the proper steps to protecting yourself and strengthening your glutes.  


Can I fix this?

Weak glute muscles can easily be remedied through strength training and working with exercise specialists. Just like any other muscles in the body, the glutes can be specifically targeted in multiple ways, both through bodyweight exercises, gym equipment and weights. Come down to Vida today and see our fitness professionals to start strengthening your glutes to protect yourself from future low back pain with a training program desined specifically for you.