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Vida Fitness Blog

Articles to help you on your fitness journey.

Re-opening Soon

Vida Fitness is excited to be re-opening the Indoor Gym area on June the 22nd as long as the Step 2 Easing of Restrictions takes place as planned. As of the 22nd of June, we are able to open the gym with a maximum of 20 people in the venue at any one time. There will...

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Vida Fitness: Online Membership

Being stuck indoors shouldn't stop you from working, exercising, and staying connected to a supportive community. With the overwheleming feedback from our members, we have now decided to go online and deliver at home workouts. It's important now more than ever that we...

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The Truth Behind Carbs

So what is the truth behind carbs? Sometimes weight loss is not as easy as calories in versus calories out. Although having a simplified approach may make sense, developing a nutrition plan needs to be taken into more detail. More complex factors must be taken into...

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Training vs Exercise

To many individuals starting a fitness journey exercise and training are the same thing. However, exercise and training are two very different things and understanding these differences will help you achieve your fitness goals.   What is Exercise? Exercise is in...

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What is a healthy diet?

One of the most important aspects of improving an individual's fitness and health is their diet. An individual's diet will be whether or not their goals will be achieved, that is if they are aiming to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or gaining muscle mass and...

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